The Muldrow Group (TMG) is a privately held, family owned, nationally-recognized agency located in the heart of Central New York, serving all of the continental US. With over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, TMG has extensive product and industry knowledge. TMG is a leading organization in the automotive industry operating with a core focus on achieving sustainable, profitable growth through product variety and services. TMG also offers their clients continued professional development with advanced training in finance and insurance, income development, and compliance to ensure up-to-date information throughout all parts of the industry. TMG facilitates dealer financing advances for acquisitions; store remodels and dealer capital if needed.


This program is a unique way to capture funds for any use including working capital, inventory acquisition, building upgrades or specific needs.


TMG offers exceptional customer service as well as a variety of outstanding products.


TMG has ensured the inclusion of varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We also offer Certified Diversity Training to all businesses, not just Dealers.

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Dealer Services

Dealer Services

Is your dealership looking for competitive products with competitive pricing? Are you looking for weekly production report? Those are just a few of The Muldrow Group’s services.

Dealer Commission Advance

Seeking a dealership renovation? Are you considering purchasing a new property? Do you lack the resources to do so? The Muldrow Group’s Dealer Commission Advance Program can provide the funds you need right away.

Full Line of F&I Products

Let The Muldrow Group service all of your product needs. We pride ourselves on proper product placement, trainings and much more!

About Us

The Muldrow Group is a privately held agency with extensive knowledge of the automotive industry with a core focus on achieving sustainable, profitable growth through a variety of products and services.

For more details on any of the services we offer, please contact us.

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