Revolutionize Your Dealership’s Success with Our Comprehensive Product Solutions and Services

Our goal is to assist dealers in improving long-term sustainability, increase profits, and remain compliant.

Why you should partner with TMG:


TMG provides distinguished exclusionary coverage, extending up to 200,000 miles, ensuring unparalleled protection for any make, any model.

Your vehicle has hi-tech components

Protect your vehicle and all the technical components designed to make your life easier.

Peace of Mind & Less Hassle

Choose from our extensive selection of vehicle service contracts and warranty options, designed to meet your diverse needs and provide unparalleled coverage.

TMG offers:

  • Product Warranty
  • Vehicle Service Contracts
  • Guarantee Asset Protection Programs
  • Appearance Protection Products
  • Dealer Certified and Powertrain for Life Programs
  • Dent and Ding
  • Tire and Wheel Guarantees
  • Lease Programs
  • Maintenance
  • Lifetime Coverage
  • Certified Programs
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Annual Engine Diagnostic

Additional offerings:

  • Menus
  • Trade-in Protection
  • Towing Assistance
  • Battery Service
  • Key Replacement
  • F&I Training / Compliance
  • Product Payment Plans
  • Maintenance Packages
  • Conference Calls and Report Analysis
  • Flexible Financing Options
  • Environmentally Safe Products
  • Auto Deductible Reimbursement
  • Cooling System Maintenance

Dealer Services

Products & Services

Our comprehensive product solutions and services are offered at competitive prices and are designed to give dealers peace of mind and enhance customer satisfaction.


Seeking a dealership renovation? Are you considering purchasing a new property? Do you lack the resources to do so? The Muldrow Group’s Dealer Commission Advance Program can provide the funds you need right away.

F&I Training

From F&I products to compliance support and training, we provide a suite of services to help dealerships maximize their profits.

About us

TMG is a privately held agency with extensive knowledge of the automotive industry. Our core focus is on achieving sustainable, profitable growth through a variety of products and services.

Let us be your strategic partner on the road to success! Contact us today and experience the driving force behind business growth.

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