Diversity, equity, and inclusion is one of our core business values.

We formed our own DEI Committee to develop and reinforce such values. Our focus is on creating partnerships with businesses and organizations that share the mission of this membership committee, its representatives, and its products.

TMG’S DEI Committee

At The Muldrow Group, we understand the positive impact of making diversity, equity, and inclusion one of our core values of the business.

In an effort to develop and reinforce these values, TMG formed the DEI Committee.

By conducting regularly scheduled committee meetings, TMG has ensured the welcoming of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives within the team.

Assessing pain points regarding diversity in the automotive space.

Creating partnerships that align with the mission of this membership committee, its members, and products.

Develop solutions regarding diversity in the automotive space using industry knowledge and experience.

The Muldrow Group also provides Certified Diversity Training
 to all businesses, not just Dealers.

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